Haw Par Villa (Testing the new Leica SL)

December 1, 2015  |  Walks

I’ve frequently driven by Haw Par Villa on my way to various client meetings, the wholesale market…even when satisfying late night durian cravings. But in the 10 years I’ve known about its existence, I’ve not once wandered in.

Today however, I had a reason.

I wanted to test out the new Leica SL and the Vario-Elmar-SL 24-90/2.8-4-ASPH. I also wanted to see how my prized lens The Legendary Summicron-APO 50/2 fared when mounted onto the SL via an adapter.

The plan was simple: walk through the theme park until I reached the end, then switch lenses and walk back to the entrance.

I managed to walk to the end of the park leisurely with the zoom attached, but ten minutes into switching lenses and retracing my steps, it started to pour with rain. And not just any rain – the type of rain that causes flash floods which sweep people away.

Knowing my SL was waterproof I decided to keep shooting. The problem was that I had to switch back to the zoom lens as the M lenses do not share the same weather resistance that the new line of SL lenses boast.

So much for the plan. Most of the images seen below were taken with the Vario-Elmar-SL. A few of them were taken with the 50APO. Can you tell which are which?

Despite almost drowning, I had a fun time at what I like to call “The Creepiest Theme Park on Earth” (see images). I hear Haw Par Villa was messed up in its heyday, but it’s even worse now that it’s fallen into disrepair.

Oh, and as for the weather sealing on the camera…well let’s just say it’s more water resistant than I am.

Leica SL HawPawVilla1

Leica SL HawPawVilla2

Leica SL HawPawVilla3

Leica SL HawPawVilla4

Leica SL HawPawVilla5

Leica SL HawPawVilla6

Leica SL HawPawVilla7

Leica SL HawPawVilla8

Leica SL HawPawVilla9

Leica SL HawPawVilla10

Leica SL HawPawVilla11

Leica SL HawPawVilla12

Leica SL HawPawVilla13

Leica SL HawPawVilla14

Leica SL HawPawVilla15

Leica SL HawPawVilla16

Leica SL HawPawVilla17

Leica SL HawPawVilla18

Leica SL HawPawVilla19

Leica SL HawPawVilla20

Leica SL HawPawVilla21

Leica SL HawPawVilla22

Leica SL HawPawVilla23

Leica SL HawPawVilla24

Leica SL HawPawVilla25

Leica SL HawPawVilla26

Leica SL HawPawVilla27

Leica SL HawPawVilla28

Leica SL HawPawVilla29

Leica SL HawPawVilla30

Leica SL HawPawVilla31

Leica SL HawPawVilla32

Leica SL HawPawVilla33

Leica SL HawPawVilla34

Leica SL HawPawVilla35

Leica SL HawPawVilla36

Leica SL HawPawVilla37

Leica SL HawPawVilla38

Leica SL HawPawVilla39

Leica SL HawPawVilla40

Leica SL HawPawVilla41

Leica SL HawPawVilla42

Leica SL HawPawVilla43

Leica SL HawPawVilla44

Leica SL HawPawVilla45

Leica SL HawPawVilla46