35 Summilux-T thoughts..

April 5, 2016  |  Random

The good news is the T system isn’t dead.

The bad news is it’s still over priced.

As far as APS-C lenses go, the 35 Summilux-T isn’t bad. And if I actually owned a T, I would seriously consider this lens. But with the soon-to-be-released S-adapter for the SL I’d rather just toss on one of my S-lenses. I’d have considered purchasing the T lens for the SL if it had faster AF, a more interesting rendering and a cheaper price.

I know Leica isn’t cheap and I’m no stranger to expensive glass, but I believe you should get what you pay for. And at $2,400 USD (at the time of writing this) I’d have expected the lens to have had more character, or some other magical spark that distinguished it from the Sony/Zeiss/Fuji APS-C lenses out there.

Here are a few quick shots wide open on the SL:
(My wife wasn’t with me on that particular outing, so I had to ask a nice gentleman if I could take his portrait)