28 Summicron-ASPH f/2

July 14, 2012  |  Review

If you’ve read my review of the 28 Elmarit-ASPH, you’d know how much I loved it. So the question is, does this lens top the Elmarit?

To me, yes. Optically, it’s better in the corners (at similar apertures), and has an extra stop of light. Also, something a little unexpected happens when you press the shutter – the lens breathes a bit of soul into the images. It’s magical, really; if the 28 Elmarit-ASPH tells it how it is, the 28 Summicron shows you how it should be. Whether that’s a good thing or not, I’ll let you be the judge. Keep in mind the Summicron simultaneously widens a camera body and thins a bank account.

In my other post, I mentioned that the Elmarit was a lens I’m eventually going to buy again. But will I ever opt to take it on an outing over the 28 Summicron?Probably not unless I’m running a marathon with my M9 in hand and I need to be as light as possible. That or if I’m in the ghetto and need to hide my camera in my pocket. Both unlikely scenarios seeing as how I live in ghetto-free Singapore and hate running.

A few other things to note: The 28 Summicron has shallower DOF due to wider f/stop, which means more subject seperation. It’s also a little less contrasty, with its colors showing up slightly more muted out of camera, and it’s got the slightest bit more field curvature. All this can be fixed in post, of course …aside from the DOF, which you would obviously take care of when you’re out shooting so as to avoid resorting to dodgy photoshop techniques at home.


28 Summicron-ASPH @ f/2

Paint Me.


28 Summicron-ASPH @ f/2 and f/5.6


28 Summicron-ASPH @ f/2


28 Summicron-ASPH @ f/2