35 Biogon f/2 T* ZM

June 15, 2012  |  Review

Let me start out by saying I love Zeiss glass. When I had the Canon 5DII setup, I had every ZE lens Zeiss made, no joke. The 100MP, 50MP and  21ZE were the three most fantastic lenses one could ever own for the Canon system. So when I bought an M9 for the 3rd time (another post for another time), my first lens had to be the 35 biogon – the only ZM lens I had wanted, but never got around to owning.

It lasted a week and a half in my kit.

I came to the simple conclusion that if I was going to spend a ton of money on a Leica just so I could run around with a beautiful but technologically-outdated camera around my neck, then I had to have the Leica glass to match. My logic:

1. This way, other photographers won’t snicker at me behind my back.

2. I have so much fondness for the above three mentioned ZE Zeiss lenses, that I was expecting the 35 Biogon to make me feel warm, fuzzy and nostalgic, but it just didn’t. There are ZM lenses that do (ZM 50 Sonnar f/1.5 T*), but the biogon wasn’t one of them.

Don’t get me wrong. The 35 Biogon is a very capable lens, and a lens I’d own again if I had room in my dricab (humidity controlled cabinet), but the space is currently being occupied by another, slightly more capable, 35mm lens.

35 Biogon @ f/2:


(And in black and white, because the M9 Monochrome is all the rage right now):