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35 Summilux-ASPH V1 (pre-FLE) f/1.4

July 6, 2012  |  Review

Floating Lens Element lenses are great. They correct for focus shift, and create razor sharp images…even wide open. The catch? Sketchy bokeh. Sometimes.

Since I like bokeh so much, but didn’t want to spend a bomb, I decided to buy a 35 Summilux-ASPH V1 (pre-fle). It wasn’t a bad choice at all, and for the price it’s a fantastic lens. It’s slightly less sharp wide open – still sharper then Canon or Nikon lenses – but the fantastic bokeh more then makes up for it.

Focus shift can be an issue¬†(though not for me as mine’s optimized for f/1.4, my go-to 99% of the time), but it’s something you can learn to work around as you get use to the lens and it’s flaws. Or something that can be avoided on a camera with live-view. M10, anyone?


35 Summilux-ASPH V1 (pre-FLE) @ f/1.4:

GOD Launch


35 Summilux-ASPH V1 (pre-FLE) @ f/1.4:

Dawn @ GOD Launch


35 Summilux-ASPH V1 (pre-FLE) @ f/1.4: