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Leica lens Prototype-X (50APO)

July 30, 2012  |  Review

UPDATE 01/01/2014: Well it’s obviously the 50 Summicron-APO, which I’ve owned now for a while, and will write about properly in the coming weeks

So this is a lens review, on a lens that I cannot mention yet. Well, I could, but I think I’ll let you guess instead.

You can probably deduce from the photos which lens it is, but here are some hints anyway:

1. It blows it’s predecessor out of the water, both in bokeh wide open AND sharpness wide open.

2. The build quality is top notch – better then the 50 Summilux-asph. It’s a sexy looking lens, and the lens hood is genius!!

3. I’m guessing there will be a really long waiting list for this guy, dispite the few reviews I’ve seen where naysayers comment that it’s not worth the price. This is nonsense, by the way. The lens is fantastic - if I had the cash (and it was actually on the market already) I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

I had the lens for a little while, but my fiance’s best friend had a bridal emergency that required some very fast-paced shoe shopping. Unfortunately, this meant that most of the shots I took were midday in Singapore, where lighting is just awful. I’ll rant about quality of light in Singapore on another day, but for now, enjoy the photos and guess away!


Leica Prototype-X @ f/2


Leica Prototype-X @ f/2


Leica Prototype-X @ f/2


Leica Prototype-X @ f/2